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Driving while Suspended (DWS)

Driving while Suspended (DWS)

There are numerous scenarios in which a driver’s license can be suspended in the State of Missouri. Two of these instances are if a driver has been convicted of either numerous traffic offenses or some of the more serious traffic offenses or if the driver failed to appear in court or failed to pay a fine associated with a traffic ticket. A person caught driving in Missouri while on a suspended license can face arrest, conviction and a one year revocation of their driving privileges.

A common scenario is that an individual receives a simple traffic ticket for speeding, or rolling a stop sign and forgets. This results in the individual not appearing in court, and not paying the appropriate fine. The court, often a municipal court, then notifies the state of the driver’s failure to appear and the state automatically suspends the driver’s license. The driver, unaware of this, continues to drive and is eventually stopped for what would otherwise be a routine traffic violation. When the officer runs the license of the driver, the officer will see that the license is suspended and will be forced to arrest the driver, arrange to have the driver’s car towed, and issue a ticket for driving while suspended, thus placing the driver at risk of losing their license for an additional year.

Whenever an individual is faced with a suspension of their driving privileges, they should seriously consider contacting an attorney to remedy the situation. The attorney will know how to find out what needs to be done to get the license reinstated, or if that is not an option, they can work on obtaining limited driving privileges for the individual so that they can still get to and from work and do the day to day traveling that is necessary.

The worst thing an individual can do is continue to drive illegally. Eventually, the scenario above will play out for them and in cases where there are numerous charges for driving while suspended; the prosecutor can at their discretion charge the violation as a felony resulting in the potential for higher fines, jail time or home detention.

If your license is suspended, contact one of our experienced traffic attorneys who will able to help you.